The Importance of Internet Marketing

Advertising is a very important part of any business, either to communicate to their existing customers or to attract new ones to buy their products or services and with the recent recession and the current economic climate, many companies have to struggle very hard to win Money and to race against their competitors.

The online marketing is the strategic process that enables you to create, distribute, promote and pricing products for Internet target virtual environment clients.

button seoStarting with the name, Internet marketing, digital marketing, and online or online marketing come to be synonymous and involve marketing actions developed on the Internet or over the Internet. The advantage of internet marketing is to enable both businesses and customers to share product information (features, prices, etc.) through the websites. Many sites allow users the opportunity to issue opinions, feedback or just ask questions, thus changing the system of relationships and communication between customers and suppliers.

What should be noted is that this system has enabled a reduction in costs of services, breaking down the barriers of space (geographical limits) and time (shopping at any time of the day).

In many ways, the internet market is similar to the traditional one, which is why the online marketing strategies are the same as traditional marketing, in fact, are based on the promotion, on pricing, on the analysis of the needs or desires of buyers. It’s true that the majority of users will be reticent while choosing to buy a car online (given the considerable cost) but it is highly probable that they, before the operation, albeit in a traditional way, will draw all the necessary information right from the internet.

The classic definition of Marketing is still valid: “giving the right people the right message with the right offer at the right time “. And the most important factor in Online Marketing is that we have the ability to measure the effectiveness of this definition.

Internet marketing is a combination of many factors that in addition to working together depend on each other to provide your company with more online visibility, better customer experiences, and a proper understanding of the metrics visitors leave on our site. To advertise through a search engine there are two systems: SEO and SEM. The first refers to organic or natural positioning and the second to appear in the paid results section (also called PPC or sponsored links). Using SEO techniques, the SEO companies can help you optimize instances ranging from your content to your website, to multiply the chances that users find your proposals when doing a search on Google (i.e. improve the positioning of your content in the results of Google or any other search engine).

However, we cannot forget the list of the basic features of internet marketing that characterize it and at the same time differentiate it from traditional marketing.



The addressability is the company’s ability to identify customers before they make a purchase. In many sites, in fact, the user is asked to fill out cards with their data as a basis for the construction of the user’s profile. The collection of personal data hub is very delicate and interesting at the same time in relation to the right to privacy on the one hand and the delineation of the profile of the consumer on the other.

The ultimate goal is to be able to enhance future investment by collecting the target customer information and marketing personalization. Additional data is then provided by the activity of tracking by the installation of cookies, text files which allow both the user tracing compared to the frequency of visits, the type of interest, to online purchases, the personalization of the services offered.


The interactivity allows the customer to directly express their preferences to the company. Companies are taking advantage and making use of virtual communities and their opinions provide an added value to the products and to the site. Virtual communities consist mostly of those with similar demographic profile and area of interest, are a great audience for advertisers, who generally provide the funds to keep these sites going.


The memory is the ability of an enterprise to access profiles through customers’ data base or data warehouse to customize the marketing offer prepared for an individual user.


Control is the ability of users to enjoy the information offered on the site. The e-marketers have a very limited freedom of action, since an operation to control the behavior of users is very complicated. In conjunction with what is necessary, the communication of offers from businesses must be made clear to the users, shown by attractive graphics and fast loading pages so that the user is invited to increase its “average spending time” on the site rather than getting tired migrating to other sites.

The internet marketing strategy is therefore to identify a target market, and in the design of a marketing mix to meet the needs of the selected market.